Sunday, January 2

52 letters in 52 weeks - A New Challenge for a New Year

My fellow mail geeks,
You have probably already seen the posts and the challenge put out to write a letter a week.  I, of course, hopped on the band wagon, though my superhero name is more like "400+ pieces of mail a year girl".   (And no this is not an over estimation, I really do send out a lot of mail.)

a stack of mail to go out after a busy weekend writing
The reason I really, really, really want to promote this is to get folks who normally don't write, to consider doing such.  I have about 20 friends who I write to on a routine basis and NEVER get a reply from.  I write because I love them and I know they love the letters, but I do start to lack motivation to send them things after months of no contact.  Usually about the time I go to give up on them, they tell me how much they love the letters and cards and postcards, and so I continue to write.  Vicious cycle? Example: My friend Scott.  I have written him encouragement while he is getting through post-doctoral work.  The other day I received a holiday card from him!  He even admitted in it that it was the first mail he's sent out in a long time and I was the first on the list!  Now that's rewarding!
 So if this post inspires just one person to try to write more, I would feel like I had accomplished something significant. Something that would benefit not just me (in returned letters) but also other folks that would be the recipients of other mail.
Thus for the new year, along with pledging to lose weight, getting organized, and spending less, why not add writing a letter a week?  It is a completely attainable goal and possibly the only resolution you will be able to keep!  But for anybody who would like a tougher challenge, we can hammer out the details in the comments below. Maybe write 52 different people in a year?  A care package a week (kind of expensive)?  Sending out a piece of hand made stationery a week? Or you can just join Andy at the Mailart 365 Project!  He's still taking artist! 

I think I'm leaning toward trying my hand at making a piece of stationery a week or 52 different people, but really do whatever inspires you! 
Write something!  Even a few words will go a long way, and spread the mail love!


  1. Most of friends that I write to say they don't have time to reply which is very disappointing since most I have absolutely no contact with. Back in September I wrote to a friend in Montana who said she would reply but still nothing. Same for a few "penpals". However there are a few people I do correspond with regularly. A friend away at college and a penpal from Massachusetts. Their reply letters always bring me joy and hope that someone, out of all the letters I send, will reply.

  2. I love writing letters and actually came across your blog when I saw you had signed up for the challenge. It's always nice to find other people that write. I try to send a lot of letters, especially to my grandparents, but I only have an aunt that writes back. I'm logging onto swap-bot and other pen pals sites to help me fulfill this challenge.

  3. Do emails and phone calls count? If not, I will make sure I get something in the mail to you this week. :) I LOVE your letters!

  4. sorry my darling Shana, a real piece of mail. Still looking forward to a postcard from your area. Although we do play a mean game of phone tag . . .

  5. Alright, alright. I can do it. I think I may actually make a special trip to buy stamps just for you. We send our bills out via billpay and I have not mailed anything in months. Email me your address and I'll have the girls decorate something for you.