Tuesday, January 18

Random Postcards

Hello all,
I thought I'd put up some images of some various postcards I have received. There's no rhyme or reason to them, just had them in my photo database and thought I'd share!

hand made for the postmuse

from postcrossing- Finland

from Postcrossing.   Berlin after WWII

Mailart 365- the PostMuse

Colorado from Troy at Country Dirt

Florida- My friend Alison

Just a few snapshots of various postcards I have received.  I like postcards, but I will always consider myself a letter girl.  Although I find some people really get into the instant gratification of sending a quick note and others like the surprise of receiving a postcard. Either way they have a great place in the mailer community.
Happy Mailing,


  1. Ooooo ... exciting to see two of my cards here! Cheese Couture lost a sleeve and all its buttons on the journey. And I used the 64¢ postage on that postcard so it would not be put through machines, which it obviously has been through. This is how it looked when it left Pittsburgh.

  2. Yea, I almost posted a third, then I thought it was getting a little like an homage. I have some beautiful ones at work too that I didn't get pics of, but they bring me joy!