Sunday, January 30

Lady Jayne- More Designs I Love!

Okay, a clarification is in order before we go any further.  I am a stationery addict.  I do invite the makers of the products to comment on post occasionally,(reason below), but they do not support me in any way.  They are welcomed to send me products for me to give away to you all, (so far I have none received, despite promises made), but again- no financial support.  If anything, they are my neighborhood stationery (drug) dealers.
So on with it!  I have recently found some products I have to share with you all. They are these beautiful cards from Lady Jayne Ltd. 

You can't see the envelope very well, but it is decorated too. Plus the sparklies in the butterfly and in the center of the flower did not photograph well.

At first, I looked over the boxes they were in- they had jewels embedded in them.  This is not my taste and I don't know about all of you, but I avoid the cards with too many bumpy pieces.  I just don't think they mail well.  Most of my friends who have sent these kinds of cards to me should know they never arrive in one piece.    But then I  looked inside and was amazed to see very beautifully designed cards and envelopes.

They remind me of Shabby Chic design.
Apparently this was a small kitchen table company started in the late 80's that blossomed in 2000.  I have invited them to say something about their products.  The reason I do this is because, in the professional world, its always nice to know what is being said about you on the World Wide Web.  Please consider it a sign of courtesy instead of promotion, because I'm sure most mailers do not like the same thing I do.
And this year, I decided to do more posts like this one, as I have written letters for years but really don't know the stationery makers.  SO consider it my own stationery design education and I'm just taking you all along for the ride!
Hope this finds you all happily mailing!

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