Friday, February 4

Stick Figures in Movies

Hello All!
I had a previous post about stick figure stationery I bought.  The theme was stick figures in literature and several folks liked them.  Well the other day I was at a Barnes and Noble and despite my best efforts, I got near the stationery section(sigh).  However, I did resisted the cutest cards of Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Cans, but the Stick Figures, alas, came home with me.  
Can you guess all the movies?

Being a big movie fan, it took me no time to figure them out.  I think the hardest one is the man running from the airplane, but since I especially sought this movie out to buy it, I knew it right away!  I'll give you a hint . . . Archibold Lee.  Just let me know if you get stuck!
Hope this finds you all smiling and finding your bliss!


  1. Those are great cards! My guesses are Jaws, Singing in the Rain, Thelma and Louise and I'm not sure of the other it North by Northwest with Cary Grant? I remember him being chased by an airplane in a movie.

    I may have to visit Barnes and Noble myself.

  2. Yes it is! I love that movie, Archibold Lee is Cary Grant's real name.

  3. *sigh* now i have to stake out barnes and nobles so you don't buy stationery. it would be hard to pick you out...unless you drool when you see stationery. Barnes and Nobles has some pretty but pricey Paris stationery. I'll have to check when I go this weekend. I wish the had a bigger stationery selection like Borders :(

  4. I'll be honest Rachel, I don't drool and you had me at Borders has a larger selection. Have you been to Marshall or Tj MAxx yet? They are hit or miss but the prices are terrific!

  5. I love the Singing in the Rain one!! If only I had known that one was included I would have bought them when I was there a week ago!

  6. Well Pen Thief I was contemplating sending something to you, now I know what!

  7. I need to plan a trip to Borders! I haven't looked in Marshalls yet but of course I never thought to look there. What section did you find it it?