Saturday, February 26

My Postcrossing Experiment

Hello All,
   I decided now was a great time to touch base on my other mail experiment I had embarked on.  For those of you who have been with me for awhile, know that I started postcrossing late last year.  And I have to admit, about 15 cards into it, I was ready to stop.  The postage is expensive and the lack of instant gratification was annoying (i.e. international mailing times), but I also discovered that I don't really love postcards of places I haven't been.  Weird huh?  As that is the main premise of the site.
   So I actually requested people consider sending me stationery or made items or random mailings.  I'd say about every fifth mailing was something awesome- 2 were stationery notes from the Netherlands and Poland!  A few were handmade or self photo'ed postcards that I actually love!  I know I shouldn't expect folks to go out of their way and (the language barrier), but about the 4th card in a row that just said "Happy Postcrossing" and I was done! 
Until  . . . . .  I remembered that giving is always better than receiving!
    I like to send out pieces from my massive collection of stationery that fit what folks want and whatever other bits they request.  If they do request a PC, I happily oblige, but if they seem open to something else. . . well that's where the fun starts!  The last 2 stationery pieces I sent, hit the mark!  I received some very nice thank you emails telling me how much they appreciated my non traditional postcrossings.  Both actually went out of their way to look at this site and email me through it!   These ladies both received guinea pig stickers as well as a hand written notes on a stationery item with a theme they requested.  So my spirits have been lifted and continue on, I will! 
Thanks Anoeska and Nika!  Your encouragements were very much needed and came at the right time!

So that's where I'm at with postcrossing.  I mostly like it!

The Moral:  Keep sending good things and good things will come back your way!
a little something for the royal wedding


  1. I received a card from you yesterday, and already replied with a local postcard.I hope you will like it anyway. The problem with your idea (if I understand well, as i'm french..) is that it's not always easy to find beautyful or interesting stationery, acording to where you live..I love stationery but have problem to find it , and often buy some when i'm traveling in other places or even other countries. I'll do my best! :o)
    BTW, I love the card you're showing!!

  2. I don't mind receiving postcards from folks. I more mind that people don't put any love into it. Some of the best notes I have recieved from postcrossing where from 2 Chinese ladies on PC's. One it was her b-day, the other wrote her philosophy. I'm more annoyed by the folks who write "here's your card" or "happy postcrossing". I've heard from several of my penpals that stationery is a hard or expensive commodity outside the US and I'm truly just happy to hear from them!
    So it boils down to IF you can send something else, consider it. IF not PC's are great- just send some love! Does that make sense?
    So no worries, I will love your PC because it has you in it!

  3. I was really into postcrossing for a few months. It fueled my obsession for writing, but I ended up feeling a little "flat" in what I wrote. Because I started to not enjoy it, I could feel myself wanting to write "Here's your card". When I sensed that, I decided to go inscribe on the site rather than not give it my full attention. The people I would send to deserve better than that. I did get one penpal from Postcrossing, so it was good. And my youngest son enjoyed seeing and saving the postcards from around the world.

  4. I JUST BOUGHT STATIONARY FOR YOU!!! I'm shouting because I'm excited. Well, I bought some stationary off of Etsy. It will be shipped to me. I will write a note and mail to you. Hopefully this will happen before 2012 :)

  5. OMG Thanks hun! I haven't seen your postcard, so I'm gonna send you a new kit. loves -b

  6. I know what you mean about not sending any love with the postcard. I always try to write a little story or something to make the card special, it's expensive to send even a postcard overseas so I figure I should make it's trip worthwhile. I also only send a few every now and then to avoid "postcard writing burnout" ;-)

    My bugbear is when you request to send a postcard and the user has a whole list of specifications on what type of card they expect. Suggestions on what the user might like, or a list of their interests is great, but it takes all the fun out of it when they're all serious and dictate exactly what they want to receive. It's not always easy to find nice postcards around here. There is a lovely set of local cards put out by a local photographer, but most of them would be considered multi-view and so many Postcrossing users state "no multi-views." The images are quite large and I don't feel that the multi-view aspect detracts from these cards at all, but still I wouldn't send one to a user who has asked for no multi-views.

    My postcrossing profile goes the other way - it says "I am guaranteed to love just about any postcard you choose :) Multi-view cards are fine, kitsch map cards are fine, nice free postcards are fine and handmade postcards are fine too!"