Tuesday, February 22

A Paper Trail of My Own Making

I attempted something.  The key to creativity is to try, at least that's what I tell myself.  Well I had promised a friend I would try to make her some stationery.  I'm not the most creative person in the world, but hey, if she hates it there is such a thing as recycling.

The first attempt:
When I was a kid, I used to love markers and coloring.  I also liked the effect of the marker when water was added. 
 I'm not so sure about this effect.  It looks rather grade school, but a I tried!  What a mess it made though!
The second attempt:
I love tea, so I decided to use a tea bag to dress up paper.

 I had started with the edges, but liked the effect so then, I did the whole page.  But the tea made limited pages.  I could get 3 out of one bag of berry herbal blend tea.
The Third Attempt:
I ended up making these basic cards.  The stickers I got a few posts back, make a nice central theme to the cards.  And she loves impressionism!  So I think these will be a hit!

I also made this out of a recycled calendar piece!

Hope this finds you trying to be creative!

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  1. Hi Becky!
    Just received your letter this morning.I'll answer you soon,but wanted to let you know! Have a nice day!