Saturday, February 5

Interesting USPS Article

Hello all,
I was on my way to check my email when this popped up.  It was an article about 15 things your post carrier won't tell you.  Some were common courtesy, others I knew from experience, but there was some interesting things on there.
And because every post should have a beautiful picture.

Here are some beautiful art deco inspired cards my friend got me at a festival in NY.  They are the quintessential type of cards I love best!  Screen printed in small batches by people who just want to make great stationery.  I have yet to part with any from the set, just can't let them go out into the world yet!
Happy mailing!


  1. Do the cards have a website on the back? Or maybe etsy store? I would love to pick up some of these!

  2. I read that article too and found it very interesting! The cards are lovely!

  3. I had to find them again in my stash. Check out
    They are hand made by Lynne Bittner in Greenwich, NY. THeir site is dangerous, I want them all!

  4. Hi.I found your blog under the 52 letters project and was hoping you could help us in our 2,011 letter project.We are trying to collect 2,011 letters from all around the's not just about getting the letters,but learning about other people and other countries,states,etc. We hope you can join to help us reach our goal...we are getting sign ups everyday,but have a long way to go. :)

  5. I sent you an email for more details Renee. Let me know!

  6. A correction from Lynn Bittner- the stationery creator:
    "One correction on your post - we do print them in our studio here in Greenwich, NY, but they are not "screen" printed. I do make all the cards individually - in small batches - I also laminate an extra sheet of fine writing paper inside them, so they are like little booklets. We also use locally made paper from the Mohawk Paper Company."