Friday, February 11

Amazon gets me again

Why oh why do I even consider traveling to certain sites on the web that sell such beautiful things.  There's always something to pull me in and then BAM! They got me! I start throwing things into my cart with a complete lack of control.   And once it is heaped in my little e-cart, I take it to the e-register! 
Lucky for me I'm cheap.  No really.  I buy a lot, but I almost always get it on sale.  So Amazon made sure to email me when they had things on sale!  (Sigh)  So here are some recent purchases.
Stickers Galore!
Most were $1.50 each, 2 were $3.

Travel poster stickers ~ $5

I couldn't resist such beautiful reproductions.  They will be great for envelopes and to create my own cards and stationery.  I could afford these, but not Cavallini- love their retro stuff, but not the price. I put several Cavallini items into my e-cart but removed them at checkout.  I could already see the buyers remorse if they made it any further.

PC books for post crossing and other

Tiffany glass windows
(Sigh again)  I also took advantage of free shipping though it takes over a week to arrive, such is my penance for buying what I could live without, (but choose not to;  ).
My Best,


  1. Hello,
    the travel poster sticker book looks particularly appealing...could you share the official title/author?


  2. I love those 'classic posters' I bought a book of Mucha postcards years ago and framed them for 'art'

  3. I've never seen those sticker books before. They look neat! I love postcard books :)

  4. There's actually 2 I got. One is the luggage labels other is travel posters. All the stickers are made by Dover Publications. The ISBN (like the international barcode) for the luggage ones is 9780486421940. I can't wait to use them!