Saturday, December 4

Stick Figures in Stationery

This weeks awesome stationery was a cheap little find at the Marshall Home Goods store.  They have such intriguing stuff and tend to have it in limited quantities.  I found these Great Moments in Literature stick figure style cards and couldn't say no.   Though I really need to learn that word!

Again with the magnificent finds!  I really need to get this habit under control, but it would make such boring posts if I did.  SO my curse is your viewing pleasure.

I hope this finds you enjoying the magic of the season.
Happy Mailing,

P.S If you get stuck, just ask!  I'll be happy to clue you in on which books are the subject of the pictures.


  1. I like the stick figures. They are so funy!!

  2. The one on the bottom left had me puzzled for a minute. Then I saw the bug-like figure. Would that be Tinkerbell? The other three cards I got right away. So Peter Pan is my guess on the fourth one.

  3. You'd be correct! I thought it was "the sound of music" at first (when they fled over the mountain). THen I realized that was not a book. Some days I am a little off!