Saturday, February 19

Another Give Away with CSN

It looks like CSN liked working with me so well, they offered up another $35 prize to be spent at one of their many stores!  Background on CSN:  They are a major on-line retailer with over 200 stores to spend your money on.  Some of my favorite sites to e-window shop on are the home office furniture, modern furniture, and writing desks site.  But they have a lot of lovely things and I will be happy to post a few sites during the contest.

So here's how it will go down. 
(Rules and such.)
I want more mail, so the entries will be by mail. 
Pick a number between 1-100 and send it to me in a letter or postcard.  Feel free to make mailart on them or whatever you feel comfortable with.  Valerie who won last year is going to send me the winning pick in the mail.  The number that is the closest to her pick without being over will be the winner. 
*IF 2 folks have the same number, the person who is a follower of the blog will win over a non-follower. You do not have to follow my blog to win, but it betters your odds and if you read me already- just make it official!
*IF 2 or more followers are tied, names in a hat and the girls at work will draw the winner. But I will send consolation prizes to the other names in the hat as they deserve something for being so close. 
*IF you are not a follower, I will need email contact info. I will not try to track you down.  I learned from the last drawing that this is a waste of my time. 
Entries must be received by March 17th, St. Patrick's Day! I will reveal the winner(s) that weekend.
Finally, you must be a US or Canadian citizen to enter and 18yrs of age.  Sorry my non-North American readers, these are CSN rules.  I also think the odds would be stacked against some countries that have sketchy mail systems.   

Every post should have a picture of stationery is my rule! More Paris themed cards in my collection.
I actually joked with Caitlin that the reason she chose me to work with again is because she wanted more mail and she concurred that receiving a Thank You was much appreciated!   Remember to send "Thank You's", they may open doors that would otherwise remain closed!
I hope this finds you all having the luck of the stamp!
Let the mailing begin!


  1. I forgot to mention- one entry per person!

  2. Hey, Snail Mailer - I am posting an article about your give away in our penpal magazine:
    The latest issue (march one) in which the contest will be described will be released in 2 days.. Just in time to catch the contest before the deadline! Hope you get a lot of entries!

  3. I am not sure if my last comment went through or not so I am just writing it down once again - we are going to announce your contest in our penpal magazine which will be released in 2 days. Hope you get a lot of participants. To view the latest issue (which is the Feb issue until March 11th, when we release the new one) go to:

  4. This looks like a neat contest!