Monday, February 21

Love Letters - a contest

Hello my darlings,
 I know I just posted my own give-away, but I received a wonderful email from Kristina McMorris.  She is an author who just wrote a book called Letters From Home.  The book is to be released next month and as part of the activity around the novel's debut, there is a contest.  The prize is a WWII replica box filled with gorgeous stationery.  I drooled when I saw it!

I hope she doesn't mind, I borrowed the pic from her site.
 An excerpt from her email with the details

"Submit a love letter by March 31, 2011. It can be short or long, funny or heartwarming, poetic or satirical, real or made up. Some ideas actual WWII letter; an imaginary note from Juliet to Romeo, from Donald Duck to Daisy, or from Amelia Earhart to a secret love with whom she might have run away. It can be a letter you once received, a copy of one you've sent, or one you should have written long ago. It can be a message to God, an estranged relative, a deployed serviceman, your favorite celebrity, and the list goes on. "

So anybody who would like to win should visit her site and read the details of the contest and the novel that inspired the contest.  Another thing to note from her email:

"Watch a brief video about the true story behind the book at
And for WWII letters, special book club features, 1940s recipes, and more, visit
A portion of the author's proceeds from sales will benefit United Through Reading, a nonprofit organization that video records deployed U.S. military personnel reading bedtime stories for their children. "

So my darlings, please consider taking a look and until the next post may peace and good memories live in your hearts. 
My Sincerest Love and Affections,

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  1. Thanks so much for the generous mention! And no, I don't mind your borrowing the image at all, lol.