Sunday, February 6

The 2011 Letters in the Year 2011 Project

My dearest readers,
Yesterday I was contacted by a mother who had decided to do a project called 2011 Letters in the Year 2011 Project.  This is a very ambitious project and she was hoping for a little help from the mailer community!
Her goal was to show her 3 home schooled daughters, ages 12 to 16, the world that's out there.  I wrote her back and asked what she hoped to get out of the project.
She responded:
"We're really looking for letters that tell us about yourself...whatever you feel free to share... hobbies,career,dreams,advice,etc.  We'd also love to know about the area you live in.  As a plus,we'd love things such as postcards,pictures of maybe your area,library or any place you love,tickets from museums, subways, movies, etc.  We'd also love art,doodles....maybe if you like writing poetry or short could maybe share those. The possibilities are endless and that's what makes it so fun since we never know what we are going to get.  We want to feel like you're a friend and visiting you...not just a paper with facts listed in bullet point, although that would be great too, but we want something more personal...something more than what we'd get from a textbook."

So far, they prefer folks ask for their address directly through the blog and blog's email ( But that may change as the project continues!
I hope those of you willing to write and spread the word among the letter writers.  They are going to need all the help they can get to accomplish such a lofty goal.

Hope this finds you all touching lives with your letters,
As always a stationery pic

Hand Made cards I found at a Resale Shop.  The flowers are actually thread and the stems hand drawn.  The paper was yellowing, so who knows how old they are.


  1. Thanks sooo very much for posting this on your really help us reach our goal! :) thanks!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! As a former homeschooler I would be glad to support their project!