Monday, February 7

Card Club - Make it and Send it!

I saw a meet-up group that is about nothing but making cards. A vision of stationery popped into my head! Of stamps and ink pads!  Of  paper, beautiful bold prints, and subtle shades of neutral!  Of punches and scissors and cut-outs!  Of stickers and glitter!  Of wonderful talented individuals who could teach me about the traditional world of papercraft!  Folks who could answer my questions and help guide my creativity with practical knowledge.  Oh, how my thoughts danced, so I had to go.  The premise is easy, bring your projects to Panera and we will all work side by side and trade secrets and ideas.
Megan, the fearless organizer!
You have to love the exchange!

The mega sticky tool!
The fruits of our labor

The more basic ones (pink) are mine.
I'm learning about inks, products, and compositions.  In a later post I hope to tell you more about some of the projects we were working on - stay tuned!
Hope this helps you find something that inspires you to create!


  1. Wow, they even have therapy sessions for stationery addicts. You must tell me where to sign up.

  2. That looks like so much fun. =D We need a group like that.

  3. Looks like fun! So ... tell me about that "mega sticky tool" .....

  4. Rachel - if you go to the Meetup site under Cardoholics, you can find us there. We usually meet over by Trexeltown.
    Postmuse, wait for next post. You'll have to ask the Stamp Tramps about that. Just a novice compared to them!

  5. the 'mega-sticky' is an ATG gun and once you've used one you'll never use anything else ... :) come join us for a demonstration