Wednesday, February 23

My SendSomething Experiment

I sent some letters

I recieved well . . . .

I think Send Something might be a bust.  I'll leave my account up, but not too sure if I'll get much.  I tend to have a hard time writing people I don't know with all the intimate details of who I am.  That's part of me that I am learning to own and trying to expand out of my comfort zone. 
Anyway, I sincerely hope this finds you all getting lots of mail!


  1. Two keys to successful Sendsomething exchanges:

    1. Choose your recipients very carefully
    2. Be patient in the long sense (months, not weeks)

    Don't give up - Sendsomething can be really fabulous!

  2. I have been on for a long while, ever since postcardx went bust (which was when they started the site). I've had lots of exchanges over the years, but a month ago I started up again and haven't had much response at all. I was sending out REALLY good stuff, too.
    So I think the best thing to do is first to make sure the person says that they're current on the site. I am really hoping for some new people to exchange mail with.
    You can look for me there, I'm Mandala Dreamer in KS.

  3. Have you tried Good Mail Day? They is a Call For Correspondents post and all kinds of people are exchanging mail. I have certainly had great luck there. I was in on that in the very beginning and haven't added anyone lately because I have so many correspondents now. I actually have had good luck on SendSomething too. Maybe I am just lucky! (I did just send you a little something)

  4. I'LL admit part of the lack of interest is probably because my post lacks flash. I just don't feel super strong about a lot of things and haVe so many interest. . . sigh. But I'll leave it be and plus I know I will have a heck of a time keeping up already come summer.