Friday, February 18

This Week In the Mail

Hello Folks Everywhere!
How are you all?  I am fabulous!  I know I don't usually open up my personnel life to many.  I'm a cancer- the crab- which means hard on the outside but very soft on the inside.  So it takes awhile to peel the layers.  Well this week I was completely surprised by who mailed me!  Some long time friends and family sent me mail which is totally not the norm.  So in some ways, this is the best mail week I've had!
On Monday:

From my aunt, the first letter to the PA address.  She crochets all the time, so she crocheted me a Valentine

One of my oldest friends let her boys make me Valentines with a little help from Mom.  Also a Thank You for some presents I sent them - in the mail of course!
The rest of the week:

I started a friends and family post card project.  I sent them all Self Addressed and stamped blank post cards and asked them to decorate them and send them back.  So far 2 have arrived.  The bottom is from Miguel and Alex again, a dog in the snow.  The top is from my friend Scott, so proud- this is his second post to me.  He literally NEVER writes anybody, so I feel honored!  I promised them I'd post them as I got them.  I'm all about empowering people to create.  Speaking of post. . .

A package from Andy and Elena at Quilling, Mail Art 365, and the Real Wall-all in blog role
If it weren't for Andy at the Real Wall posting my letters on his website, I would not have started this one!  I loved seeing that somebody really appreciated the mail I sent even if it wasn't the most creative or artistic.
There's also something to be said for new pen friends I have found since starting this.

Troy and Kati are 2 of the newer folks I write.  I really appreciate their letters and blossoming friendships.
And finally, a little surprise from Send Me a Million Postcards!  Thought I'd throw them another post to help the cause along. 

Thanks for the PC back!  Loved the stamps and I have a friend I have been sharing all my PC's with as she collects the stamps, so to her this goes secondly. 
If you sent something to the P.O. Box this week, just know I have yet to check it since Tuesday.  But I'm going there after this is posted!  So who knows, maybe more will be added today/ tomorrow.
Thanks for adding me into your life, and I am happy you all are part of mine!
I hope this finds you all happy and receiving lots of love!


  1. Looks like you had a good mail week. Come to think of it...I need to send you something...

  2. Update, send me a million is at 465ish PC's so keep sending. Mr. Mysterious has a long way to go!