Thursday, February 10

Graphique de France

The other day I noticed a theme in my recent purchases of stationery.  Can you see it?

I know part of the reason I have been buying so Graphique de France is their beautiful stationery, but the other part is the easy accessibility at the local Marshall's store.  Many of my posts have involved their products. ( Dr. Suess, Paris, Girl's and Fun,  to name a few)
Apparently this is a fairly large stationery and journal store. But please don't covet thy neighbor's stationery, go buy your own!
Hope you notice something special in your mailbox soon!


  1. I need to get myself to Marshall's soon...

  2. I am in love with your stationary selection!!! And thank you so much for the Singing in the Rain card! I will be mailing you a surprise soon. =)

  3. I have seen those at my tj maxx and marhsall's stores,too.They have some really nice cards.just friday i also found some crane about excited!I'm a journal freak...I have so many journals...pretty ones are too hard to pass up! :) I also wanted to let you know we got your letter today,I will post it on my blog either tomorrow or Monday.Thanks so much for writing!