Sunday, February 27

My Give-Away: First Entry Has Arrived!

Hello all,
I don't know about you all but I am excited about the Oscars tonight.  Movies are as big a passion as sending things!

This is just and update.  I am doing a $35 GiveAway with CSN (  See previous blog for rules and more info!  They have a huge selection of merchandise from office to home.
This contest is all about mail and luck.  You have until St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) to send me a number between 1 and 100 on a postcard or in a letter to enter.  Last year's winner is sending me the winning number.  All USA and Canadians are welcomed- (sorry rest of world, this is CSN's rule, not mine).  But if you'd like an exchange or have a separate drawing for the rest of the world, please contact me.  My last international drawing only had 4 entrants : (  Good for them!  Not best for me. 
Her number is on the back.
So far the Pen Thief is all alone in her entry- which will make for an easy contest : )
The drawing won't last long, so get your entries in as soon as you can!   To the best guesser goes the spoils! 
Stamps and Stickers, Oh My!

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  1. I am not from USA or Canada, but I had to comment on this because it really seems like a great giveaway.. I hope that you will get bunch of postcards :)