Wednesday, February 16

Caspari- My Newest Love

Dear All,
I hope this finds you all well and dreaming of beautiful peaceful things like stationery. Today I have to say I heart heart heart Caspari! I found a few of their things at Marshalls but I had not looked up the company till recently.  (Only one of mine pictured here).

Some beautiful vintage inspired cards.
Caspari has several artist from Europe who design beautiful cards, and a store in Charlottesville, Virginia and Munich, Germany.  They also make beautiful napkins, plates, and other paper goods.

These images are from the website.  Wish I owned them all!
Their prices are also fantastic at the on-line store, and I love several of the designs.  I hate to use buzz words, but their products have a sophistication to them.  I really like the art themes and the vintage feel.   - Sigh- I really do love their stationery.  My personal collection is small, but I think it will grow rapidly as I find them locally.  How sad is it that I am considering a pilgrimage to their store in Virginia? A 5 hr scenic drive for stationery, that's not obsessive is it?
I hope this finds you all well and receiving beautiful things!
Happy Mailing,

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  1. Looks like you have been busy my friend. Love the stationary above and all the info about sites and other stationary below. And with 50 followers, you are doing well!! Keep up it. Love to read and see the pics. L & M,