Saturday, February 12

My Lovely Valentine

There's nothing like a holiday about love and coupledom to remind a girl she is single.   Well dwell not!  I decided this year to send some love to all my friends. Handmade Valentines are just the thing.
 Some building blocks
I love the hamsters!  They are actually stickers themselves.
From a Target kit with some Curious add-on's
A few postcards from recycling scrapbooking paper wrappers

A few random cards

To see all the pink cards I made look back to the card club post.  I chucked them into envelopes before I got pics.  Too efficient this time!

And a wonderful surprise!  Thanks Em! 

I hope this doesn't find you sending and telling- or maybe I do.  I love to see what others create!
Happy Heart Day my Lovely Valentines!

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