Friday, February 18

This Week in Mail #2

Well I didn't expect to throw a second post on today, but the day's mail came in as did more surprises from folks.  As before, I have been surprised this week by mail from friends who hardly ever write!  And yet they all had the same thought, mail her this week!
From Postcrossing- with a really nice note on the back.

For my Friends and Family PC Project.  Thanks old wine drinking buddy!

A late but lovely Valentine

If you know Shana, who has a food blog, you wouldn't be surprised by the silly faces or by it being a bit late!
A little hand made present from Amber.  Amber did a post on facebook offering to make some hand made gifts for the first five who respond.  I jumped on that and completely forgot about it till these showed up today!  Love them! She did an awesome job, and they are fully lined on the inside.
A surprise from a new blog,(Confessions of a Pen Thief), that I am following along with- a definite chuckle!  Definitely stop by, as Misty is collecting books and letters for the troops and could use any and all help.   I love recycling!

And finally a little tribute to My Real Wall.  Andy and Elena like to take the mail people send them out into the world and take pictures of them at a variety of settings. 

I think my Halloween card took a walk to the countryside!  These are both from Elena.  I give her props for recycling the tulip stickers from a note I sent her!
It was such a beautiful day, so the dog and I were out enjoying our patio (in the 60's).  The temps are to plummet tomorrow. 

I honestly don't usually get this much mail so I REALLY REALLY appreciate it all!  I'd better get back outside and start writing people back!
Peace and Love and Sunshine (yes definitely lots of sunshine!!!)


  1. This week was a treasure trove! Hope the card made you smile. Did you get the postcard too???

  2. Dear Shana, I LMAO! It was so you and Shawn. This year I visit Lynette, but that brings me back around to you next year!

  3. Glad to see the macaroni made it! Also, good to hear you are enjoying the blog. =) I enjoy reading yours as well.

  4. I'm so glad you liked it! And very excited about next year. I mailed you back your postcard (undecorated but full of writing). Did you get that? I was a little concerned because it fell out of the mailbox into snow. If it was wet and tore it may not have reached you :(

  5. NO sign of it yet, we'll see if it gets here.

  6. I love the Mac and Cheese envelope!