Monday, March 4

Make Something Monday - Upcycled

Hello all!
Thanks for joining me today!  I was thinking about doing a second fold and send but I have a hard time staying motivated on that subject.  So onward and upward!
I got this interesting sale brochure that was a layered tri-fold.

I then started to modify it for a letter.

 I used the below gray security envelopes that are not dark or busy enough to obscure a normal ink.

 This project is literally a cut and paste!  Continue to size up the pages and fit your envelope pieces to it.
 This is the back of the tri-fold.  Got to love some sticker happiness!  I actually went back through and brightened the pages with more stickers, and recommend you sprinkle color throughout too.

Now what to package this letter up with?  Well let us continue with the security envelope theme.  The great thing about security envelopes, besides them being delivered directly to your house, is the interesting colors and patterns they have.
 Open this envelope up and turn it inside out.  Then glue or tape the edges shut.
For a final touch I slapped on a sticker I salvaged from a box at work and put it on the front.  I hope my mail  friend enjoys the recyclables and it gives you some ideas to reduce, reuse, and recycle!  Not to forget, saving some money on stationery.

Pull those supplies out and make something!  I believe you can do it too!


  1. Woa, that's really creative.. I should try that sometimes, thanks!

  2. I like the recyclables. Very creative.