Friday, March 29

A Feast for the Eyes - Incoming

This should get me caught up awhile on the incoming, although it's early and I have yet to go to my post office box for this week.  Postcrossing tends to keep the letter box pretty full these days.
 Postcrossing from the Netherlands - a fishing village I am told.
A new SendSomething friend!  Think Spring is in the center, which my tulips are definitely agreeing with, but I am not so sure. . . .
 A nice letter from Melissa at Craftgasm
Above and below are from Tara at Hello Life (look at blog list to right)  She made some really nice stationery.  I liked the simple but pretty ink stippling she did.  I decided to take a close up!  Inspiration is everywhere!

 TMC sent me a nice note and a few stars!  I like the bling.  If only bedazzled items would mail well!
 A nice note from Patty at Letter Rip.  I showed her address here as a reminder to keep the Get Well cards flowing!  We could all use a daily cheerleader, even on days were life is running fairly smoothly.
 A wonderful package from my good mail buddy Ciara!  She started Scoutaroo Paper Company this year as an effort to make stationery she would love to buy, and I got to say, me likely!  Take a look for yourself.
Anne sent me a note and I like the Pin wheel stamp!  A great compliment to many letters.
 From the ever fabulous Giselle!  An epic letter and always a pleasure!
 Fun from JD!  Simple but pretty embellishments.
 Wolfey oh Wolfey!  How great art thee!?
 Plain but awesome, Matthew.
And another edition to my states collection, only a handful left and I have a feeling I know where I can get Nevada at!

Until we meet again, parting is such sweet sorrow!


  1. I haven't seen a NV map card but I will go above and beyond to find one for you. :)

    1. Actually the sender of the NH card is from Las Vegas too. But is you'd like to contribute, it does not have to be a map card, only say Nevada across the front of it.

    2. Thanks for remembering me! I am doing better. Surgery is over. All went well. It is wonderful to receive all the extra mail . A special thanks to Becky for keeping the mail rolling.

  2. What states do you have left? I may be able to contribute as well :)