Monday, March 25

Make Something Monday: Jacob's Ladder Letter

This is a very basic project, in that it does not take a lot of time, but it has whimsy and a lot of potential for creative interpretation.  Just change up the materials and you could make it funky, out of recyclables, or masculine.

I cut some cardstock in the same size, which you do not have to do.  Consider making the width the same and varying length.

I do recommend you line up the punch holes.  I have made these before and if your punch holes are all off, the project gets a little too funky.  The best way to line these up is to do the top card or two and use it as a guide for the rest.

Then pick a ribbon, yarn, or jute and lace.  I secured mine at the top with a fiskers tape roller.  You can use glue dots, regular tape, and and other roller tape that has good stick.  I recommend securing about an inch of ribbon to the back of the top.   MAKE sure you LEAVE 1/4 inch (1-2 cm) for FOLDING.
After I laced it through several cards and repeated the inch secured to the back of the lowest card, I started embellishing with a quote from a calendar.
This spans 5 cards which does make the letter a bit bulky.  I you do not want to pay more to send, just use 3 card lengths.  Unfortunately I did not think to get a picture of the project folded down to a single layer, but done properly these will collapse zig zag down! 
Imagine  your recipient opening the envelope to find this unique folding letter! 

Keep creating!



  1. Looks great, and even better in person!

  2. So cool! I want to try this...

    1. You might wait about a week and you'll get to see this up close and personnal ; )

  3. very cool! i was just contemplating a jacobs ladder with washi tape!!