Wednesday, March 20

On the Inside

It's been awhile since I put up some incoming mail.  Life has given me a few lemons this week, so I will be brief as I am off to make lemonade!
Postcrossing from the Netherlands
Postcrossing from Switzerland
Postcrossing from the Jersey shore.
Postcrossing for Germany and a reader of this blog!
Fan mail!  Thank you although I do not feel deserving of any flattery.
Some cheesy 80's stationery!  Still makes me smile Melissa!
Lucas wrote!
A beautiful card from KC!  I also like the belt buckle stamp.
A big thanks Cindy for adding to my states collection.  Only a handful left to get.
Postcrossing from Russia
 Postcrossing from Germany.  A card from Kuwait.
Pure Awesomeness!  A Chinese New Year card from MC!

Enjoy and send lots of mail!


  1. Glad that your cheesy 80s card arrived safely! Did it take a long time to get there, or has it just been that long since you posted incoming mail? :)

    1. It took me a long time to put it up! I have already responded to you last note (in the mail) If that gives you any idea. Life has been running interference with the blog.

  2. They're all so beautiful and lovely. Nothing beats getting wonderful mail on a random day!