Friday, March 22

On the In: More Mail

First off I will apologize as the lighting I was working with did not make for beautiful pictures of mail.  I took many of the images over, but alas . . .
Anyway, more mail and lots of it postcrossings.  I have been a diligent member for 2.5 years now and have sent and received in the 300's on both!  Plus made 2 pen pals who are both still active on the site!

A postcrossing from California.  A reproduction old time photo.

 2 ladies in traditional dress - postcrossing from the Ukraine
 Postcrossing from Florida has also been good to me.  This is a newer pen friend named Georgette.
 Postcrossing from Switzerland.
 Postcrossing from Germany
 I need to gush over this one!  This is a postcrossing from Russia!  I love the sushi menu she sent me as well as the stamp, postcard, and Easter trading card!  Thank you so much!
 A letter from Matthew
 Wolfey, my dear wrote me a letter about treks to Antartica and abroad.  I am glad one of us is adventurous.
This card was a knee slapper.  Juli also included a list of organic and vegetarian brands that used genetically modified organisms.  I am more aware now than ever of what I put into my mouth, and I appreciated the info.

So much to learn, so many people to communicate with!


  1. I like the reproduction of an old photo from california.

  2. Great pile of mail!! Sorry I've been so lazy.....mostly, I am just plain tired. Will write soon, promise.