Friday, March 15

Get Well Cards to Patty

I am sure many of us follow the same blogs.  But I just saw a guest post over at Letter Rip - Patty's blog that she was in a car crash.  Her daughter put out a mail call for get well cards to keep Patty's spirits flying high!

I have been writing Patty since I started this whole blogging endeavor and am always thrilled to receive and send mail to her.  Patty loves recycling materials such as ads and junk mail.  So please make here a card or postcard out of your favorite ad and wish her a speedy recovery!

Just Letter Rip
Patty Davidson
158 Greek Miller Rd
Crockett, VA 24323


P.s. She also loves cheesy vintage and the Geico gecko!


  1. That just sucks! I was about to reply to her letter but I think I will make a card for her instead. I posted the info on the forum, too, in case she has penpals there.