Friday, March 15

Ultra Fine Gels

I have a major fondness with gel pens.  I know I lack true pen snobbery, but I do appreciate a good writing pen whether it comes from the dollar store or costs a bit.  I found this set by Write Dudes that were ultra fine colored gels and they sure do write wonderfully.  But before you jump to using them, remember that these are not for the outside of letters.  Water and most gel pens are a bad mix!
I give these a thumbs up!
My Best,


  1. Thanks for the review. I have seen those in Target and wondered if they were any good. Another pretty set of pens to add to my growing collection!

  2. Pilot makes a lovely gel pen called Juice. Very fine and really pretty colors. I order them from, but they may be available in office supply stores, too.

  3. Just bought them last night and LOVE them. I am a loyal customer of Bic Z4 Needlepoints .5 but I can't find them anymore. :(

    Been trying to find a solid replacement and this is the closest I have gotten!