Tuesday, March 26

Put Your Hands Together for the In Box

I am trying to be more diligent about getting the received and responded to mail up on the blog.    As always, if you see it here, then a letter should have arrived or is on the way!
 A postcard from an old friend and one of my first supporters of this blog!
 A nice letter from Troy.  The paper was really very nice to behold.
 JK sent me a few postcards and a nice letter.
 A postcrossing from Japan
 Miss Hannah sent me a nice letter!
Malyss sent me some Carnival festivities from the French Riviera
 An interesting world travels postcard from Germany
 from the Piccadilly Post - getting green for St. Pat's!
 Postcrossing from Germany
 Postcrossing from Finland
 Postcrossing from China
 Postcrossing from the USA
And finally a postcrossing from Poland.

To get mail, you need to send mail!

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