Monday, March 11

Make Something Monday - Keep It Simple Postcards

Hello and sorry for the delay!  The time change and a super long day at work have not helped me get this done sooner.  Hopefully this was worth the delay.

I often hear people say they are afraid to make something, but I find postcards very approachable and think that people should start here.  One of the nicest cards I ever got was a simple postcard where the person had stamped a phrase and an animal.  These are a bit more involved, but take the concept and make it your own!  That is what creativity is really about.

 I decided to type a couple phrases on blank 4in x 6in note cards.  See simple.  Now let's add!
 I adore this cat punch, but any small punch would work.
 I liked the negative space strips almost better than the cat confetti pieces.
 I decided to just frame this phrase out. (I should have stopped 5 cats ago)
I than added some of the cat confetti from the previous card.  I would have liked more contrast, but I think the cat enthusiast who gets this will be more than happy!

Just some thoughts!


  1. Really pretty! I have a different cat punch, but I'm going to try something like this.

  2. I love this! This is such a clever idea! There's a lot you can create just using paper and ingenuity, so thanks for the reminder and inspiration.

  3. So sweet! My best friend used to send me cards and letter with cats inside. They tumbled out onto my lap when I opened the envelope. I did that with punched hearts for valentine's day. Your cats are on a catwalk. :)

  4. I love your cards. They're so cute and your cat punch is adorable!

  5. ohoh, kitty cat punch! love all things cat related. thanks for sharing :)