Saturday, March 30

Having Some Postcard Fun

I wish I had found these in my stack last week as I would have sent them to everybody.  On the inside I wrote, "little did he know Ohio would take him to heart".
And for those not from this side of the USA, on Feb 2 every year it is called Groundhog's Day.  They are large vegetarian rodents who actually do a lot of damage to crops.  Somebody decided, (and alcohol may have been involved), that the burrowing pests could predict Spring by seeing if they have a shadow.  If the groundhog sees it's shadow and goes back in his hole, than it will be winter for 6 more weeks.  But if he stays out, then we will have an early Spring! 
Well Puxatawny Phil (name of the resident soothsaying rodent) said we would have early Spring, but alas last week the Midwest was gripped by a snow storm. 
An Ohio city put out an indictment for Phil, but has since dropped the charges.  I think they left him off too easy!  But I guess we should probably find other ways to predict the future weather than asking a large rodent.  Just look at those beady eyes, I am not sure they are truthful! 


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