Tuesday, February 26

More Mail In the Box

This is a big visual post.  A big thank you to all who contributed especially the unexpected surprise ones!
Postcrossing from Germany.  They helped invent the radar.
Latoya sent me an ATC - only my second one ever.
A nice envelope pot luck from Georgette on Send Something. 
Juli with a Valentine sweet and pretty vintage stamps.
Melissa of craftgasm sent me an invite to the National Postal Museum's Valentine making party.  I was unable to attend due to work, but I would have loved it!
A fun postcrossing out of Canada.
TMC from Return to Rural sent me a nice note.  Look there's Mr Zip!
Jarielyn sent me a letter and vintage stamps!
Toast sprinkles- who knew!  Nora and I exchanged some goodies and challenged each other's taste buds.
This postcrossing comes from Dawn who is unsure of who rescued who when Bailey came into her life.  She sent a nice note advocating rescue and how much the dog's appreciate it.  Dawn is also a reader of the blog! 
Postcrossing from Spain recieved the same day from Spain advocating the end of bull fighting.
This card is from the Save the Vermont Post Office Post , Jane Davies sent out the plea and the Missive Maven let the rest of us know.  This was her reply to my hand made card as part of the project. 

My lovely friend does Valentine's greeting cards like most people do Christmas.  I always love getting them every year!
A lovely letter from the Piccadilly post.  Always filled with beautiful stamps.  I unfortunately am a stamp hoarder.  I have some vintage stamps that I am holding on to.
From Anne, she made me a Valentine!
Ciara did the above and below.  She started a new paper company and etsy shop.  The eels where part of her amazing Valentine collection!  It' even better in person.  Look right to find a link to her blog.

Above are 2 postcards from my youngest supporters!  One just turned 5 and the other is a big boy half way through first grade.  Thanks guys!

Until next time, Write, stamp, and send lots of mail!

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