Wednesday, March 6

Can't Escape Christmas Yet

Thank you to all who commented on my recent post about keeping the writing flowing.  Definitely some good advice to be tried out!  I was hoping to get some pictures up soon of the incoming.  But until I get some more pictures, I have 2 less than stellar photos of mail from some really good friends.  Apparently persistence pays and my letters and postcards finally found the mark and garnered a response.

From Ali who I have known since I was 11 years old!  A short but happy note detailing some big news in her life.
And there is Jen.  We are friends through a mutual friend.  When Jen was looking for a new pen pal that would respond in a timely manner, I volunteered!  We have only been friends for 9 years.  A short time in comparison to most of my friends who drop a note ever now and again.  She sent a late Santa note, and I thought I was all done with the holiday season.

Here's to old friends who like to send unseasonable but always welcomed mail!  Oh who cares, they wrote!

Ho, Ho, Ho Happy Mailing!

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