Monday, March 25

Easter Egg Reminder

For those of you looking to add something fun to a distant friend or relatives mailbox, consider sending an egg!

It's that time of year and I made sure my nephews are going to get some fun mail.  How better to excite curiosity and enthusiasm about the postal system?
These eggs are the larger sized ones and came out to about 2oz and cost $2.07 to send.  I secured them shut with washi tape for easier access contents.
Just a thought!


  1. I just had the idea to send some of these through the mail last week! I thought I was being original, but after some research (to see if you even could) I found all kinds of info! I just dropped one in the mail today! :)

  2. Going to the Dollar Store after work now... ;)

  3. Very fun idea! I would love to receive one of those in the mail.