Tuesday, March 5

Writing Mojo

As many of the people I write to know, I have been dealing with a major writing block.  This has caused quite a back log of letters.  Usually these blocks are short lived, but with so much going on in my life, this one seems to be firmly rooted and not breaking anytime soon. 
To shake things up, I have been trying to ask different questions and making it a point to put pen to paper daily in a short note or a journal.  But I ask the question, what do you do when responding to the pen friends is hard?  How do you get your pen to brain connection flowing and happy again?

Remember you have to write a letter to get a letter!


  1. I've been having a bit of a block lately myself. I haven't figured out quite what to do about it. I think writing at least one sentence a day in a journal could be helpful and then maybe you could send the journal at the end of the month. (I did this in a swap) I received a really cute mini journal that was very nicely decorated with fabric and stickers and cute stamps. It might be fun to do that with a pen pal.

  2. If I can't think of anything else to write, I usually start blathering on about what I did that day or plan to do, or something I'm looking forward to or did recently that was fun. I take the opportunity to tell stories I haven't shared with others about experiences I've had. Usually I have a block when I feel rushed or stressed, and it's therapeutic to tell my mail friends about what's bugging me.

    Or I just put it off. ;)

  3. I read a book. I think that writing is just an extension of thinking, and if you get too tired to think of something yourself (it happens to everyone) then it's a good time to read the thoughts of someone else.
    Just finished reading "The Letters of Kurt Vonnegut" (it was sitting on the "new" shelf at library, just waiting for me) and I have to say that the man can write a compelling letter. :)

  4. Thanks all! I am trying to keep my mind open and my pen flowing.

  5. I think it is better to not write if I feel a bit uninspired to do so. I'd rather put off a letter than write a crappy one! Although sometimes I don't take my own advice, especially when the reply-to pile is getting out of hand.

    I am a bit burnt out after LetterMo. I try to find things that inspire me or whatnot and that usually helps me when trying to find a reason to write letters! It helps if you have been busy because then you have something to write about! :)

  6. You can write to explain that you don't know what to write and explain why.
    You can send a beautiful quote,
    write about an event that you just lived , or about something that happened in your town ,
    or about a news from your newspaper..
    You may just say "I'm thinking of you" on the back of a pretty postcard.
    You can choose a special postcard and explain why you love it , or why you choosed it.