Monday, March 18

Make Something Monday - Go Green and Green again!

Hello all!
I hope you have recovered from an exciting weekend!  Mine was with visiting friends and their toddler.  Needless to say I had wanted to do a more involved project this week but toddler watching does not leave a lot of extra time.  So for this project I am going to make some appropriate Saint Patrick's Day post cards out of everyday recyclables.

Gather the base.  For this I chose cardboard from a recent stamp purchase.

Gather the green materials.
leftover tissue paper, some stickers and washi

Some leftover Ireland calendar pics

Glue it good.  When you are dealing with tissue paper, use a glue stick or other less wet adhesive as regular glues will discolor and make the paper tear.

And viola!  You can put this together quickly.

One of these is not like the other, but I could not resist using the sparkly sticker paper! 

Happy Creating!  You can do it!

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