Monday, September 12

Idea for a Blogoversary Give Away

Hello all,
My one year blogoversary is coming up and I have been thinking about releasing some more of my stationery out into the world.  After my recent purchases at Goshen, the boxes are now overflowing with goodness.  So much goodness that if I stopped buying materials and just used what I have, I could write for the next 5 years without any issues.  Yes, it's that out of control- the first step is admitting you have a problem.

    Anyway, I was pondering a contest of sorts.  In light of my recent post on recycling- I was considering a recycling or upcycling contest.  I would have my fellow coworkers judge it and pick out what they considered the most inventive use of materials.  Entrants are open to all sections of the world.  They must include the following contact information: A name (pen names are fine), address, and email.  And if it's hard to guess what you used as your materials- please enlighten me! )  It may mean the difference between winning and not. 
  A note on email- part of the reason I would like that is to tailor the package to your tastes.  I have a wide variety of postcards and premade stationery but I could also send raw materials like paper, rubber stamps in my collection, used postage stamps, and so on.
  If this sounds good to all of you, let the give away begin!  Mail entrants must be received by October 8th. 
Please have fun and be creative in your recycling efforts!


  1. I am not so creative, so I just wish good luck to everyone :) Is Goshen online site where you can buy stationary or is it a store? I need some good site to buy few stuff, I don't have any letter paper left and it's so hard to buy it here..

  2. Marina, Goshen is actually a town in Indiana that is littered with thrift stores. Etsy is a great place for paper and notecards that are unique and beautiful.

  3. Hi Becky, I've been so busy lately, and have only just read your post about recycling. Being in the UK there's no way I could get it to you on time. Anyway, wish you well on your blogoversary and hope you have load of brilliant entries and I am with you in spirit if not my own entry.

  4. Hi again, OK I couldn't quite resist making. I have stuck and glued and it will go in the mail today 5th October - whether it gets to you in time remains to be seen.