Thursday, September 8

I'm a Winner!

Hello all!
I hope this finds you all well.  I first want to thank you all for all the recent comments.  Seems my trip and goodies have inspired some mail envy- in a good way!  Well yesterday I also got great news that I won a prize from Sabrina's blog at Your Items Delivered.  It was a mail art competition of sorts.
So William and Katherine will come live with me!  Which is too funny, as I really did buy into the whole fairytale wedding thing.  God Save the Queen and Keep Calm and Carry On and Tallyho my fellow wannabe Brits!


  1. Did you win the cushion?!! How lucky! I'm very romantic about those royal things too! :o)

  2. Yes ma'am, the cushion is mine! Sabrina is open to receiving unique mail thankfully!