Saturday, September 17

Replied to . . . .

Hello all,
I thought I'd get my replied to pile up.  I have no doubt I'll find more time this weekend to reply to more folks, but here's whose sent me mail and received a reply!
Fellow Bloggers,
From Pen palling Dad
Misty - the Pen Thief
A nice letter from Tara at Hello Life
Sabrina at Your Items Delivered
From the Postmuse
From the sisters at 365 Mail

From the wonderful Piccadilly Post!
My dears at Send Something!

A nice vintage find from KC
Another postcard for my state's collection!  Thanks Angela and a fun card from Girl-on-a-Glide from SendSomething.
From my youngest fan!
Actually from Postcrossing
From Matthew
A nice note from a new writer!
The last is a note from Crane.  I saw the Missive had posted a comment that Crane the stationery makers were looking for pen pals, so I sent a note and got one back already!  Just goes to show that you need to send mail to get mail!
I hope this finds you all well and happy!

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  1. Funny I also got a reply from crane and co as well and she sent a really nice note back . take care all .