Wednesday, September 14


Hello All,
I was looking around this morning on the Internet.  My eye was drawn to a post about thrifty mail finds and on the sidebar, I saw this gem of a blog.
Life in a Typewriter Shop
After my recent late birthday gift from my mother, I find my heart has grown more fond of the clickety clack of the old typewriter.  Is it nostalgia?  Our desire for simplification?  Or something more tactile that is bringing back the old typewriters? 
I was told by an antique dealer that we are in a trend right now.  Ten years ago he could not sell a typewriter, now he can not find them to sell them!
Anyway, I hope this finds you all well and no matter whether you type, hand write, or make art - just send something!
My Best,

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  1. Hi Becky,

    I live in Boston and I actually contacted the guy from that blog with a question about my hand-me-down typewriter. He was super nice and I was able to fix it my self because it was just that the ribbon wasn't pushed all the way down. Doh!
    But I am planning on going to visit his shop sometime. It's in Cambridge, very close to me!