Tuesday, September 20

Yearning for Yesterday

Hello all,
I have been recently thinking about the days gone by, and the years before this world were dramatically changed by technology.  Part of the look back was due to me leafing through my photos of Sauder's Village in Ohio.  It's a living history museum built by Erie Sauder to commemorate the days he grew up and the times before then. 
Back then a letter or postcard was the main way to keep in touch, with written language being a skill that required no more than a pen and paper and a fluidity of words.  If you have ever heard any of the Ken Burns PBS Civil War documentaries, you realize that today's letters lack a lot of the descriptive and emotional undertonings of yester year.  We get to the point quickly nowadays.  Sometimes I wonder if its too quickly.  Maybe we should explore the point a bit longer and really try to understand it before moving on.  With our postal service in trouble, it is nice to remember where they came from.
Hopefully they can move along with the times, but meanwhile here's a look back. If you are ever in NW Ohio maybe think about stepping back in time and taking a look around Sauder's Village.
Thoughtfully yours,


  1. Great Post Becky! I agree that communication seems to move too quickly and less thought is put into it. That's why we do such silly things as put pen to paper and write.

  2. Oh becky I was just in northern ohio yesterday around sandusky area the weather was wet and nasty . Yes I have read some of the civil war letters and our letters today lack the quality of the written word of yesteryear . I so agree we should take more time to convey a thought .