Sunday, September 18

Amazon- not great news

Hello all,
I was getting around to reading the local paper this morning when my eye caught site of an article about the mega on-line retailer  I have recently made a few purchases through them largely to support our local economy.  We have a huge Amazon warehouse in located in the Lehigh Valley (where I live currently). 
The news was not great- (check out story).  They apparently are very abusive of their workers. I'm sure there are 2 sides to every story, but until I hear more, I think I'll be buying off Etsy.  At least most of Etsy supports small businesses and artisans. 
Not that I need much because my books are from exchanges or garage sales and I have stationery stuck everywhere throughout this apartment!
I hope this finds you all well and happy!


  1. Thank you for letting all of us know about this awful thing going on at amazon and from now on I think I will do my online shopping elsewhere .

  2. Is there a link to that story online? I'm curious...Amazon has *horrible* customer service.

  3. Just click on the highlighted words and it should take you there.

  4. I have virtually stopped using Amazon when I realized that some of their business practices are hurting small business people who are trying to use the internet as a way to conduct their businesses... I decided I didn't want to deal with a company that can somehow get less than wholesale prices from manufacturers and undercut those who are going through normal wholesale channels to get their supplies. Amazon is just an online Wally World. We can now see what Wally World's business practices did to America's small businesses... and now that the small businesses are mostly gone all we have to choose from is the dwindling variety offered by those who use China as a supplier.