Friday, September 23

Recycle Challenge

Hello all,
I had a few previous post on recycling random materials into mail.  Then I had the brilliant idea to hold a contest for my 1 year blogoversary on upcycling (recycling).  Link here for details.
So far I have received one entry.  I will give you a Clue on the inspiration.

The hard part is the writing paper.  The letter is on the back of the Clue tally forms! 
Only one thus I have concluded you all need more inspiration, so here it is.
I decided to recycle this stationery box.  I really liked the information on the inside and I did not want to disturb the integrity of the images.

I did an easy approach and just opened and trimmed the flaps.
I wrote the letter on the back of the packaging.  Fold-overs have been the bane of my existence, but I like this one!
Here it is all folded and this is the back of the package.  I hope the recipient enjoys the colorful package!
Here are another interesting packaging idea:

Great to send some extra goodies in!
If that's not enough for inspiration, check out Patty's blog!  She is terrific at reuse, reduce, and recycle! 
I hope this inspires you to purge the recycling bin and send it out!
Happy Creating,

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  1. OK! I better understand what you want! I did not catch it the first time (sometimes, I have problems to understand, remember i'm not native english speaker..). I'll try to do something for you. How much time do we have?..