Sunday, September 25

What did you do today?

Hello all!
I just thought I'd throw up a post on my afternoon accomplishments.
Some puppy love cards
Thanks Carrie for the awesome paper for Christmas!  I am finally using it.
I love the travel ones so much that they will be hard to give to Operation Write Home.  Oh well!  I have so much and they could always use more!  Plus I was looking for a good use for the travel poster stickers, and this really seemed to work.
Hope this inspires you all to create!

Plus here's a photo I snapped on my cat watching me write letters.  I love the reflection.  He looks camouflaged by the patio rail and flowers.


  1. Love the travel cards you made. You're so creative!

  2. Your kitty is so cute! and you worked well, your cards seem beautyful!