Thursday, September 8

Final Notes From My Visit Home

Hello folks!
How time flies!  It seems like I was just starting my vacation and then it was over. Sigh- but lets relive some of the mail related fun that I had while home. 
First- Mom got me a typewriter!  I asked her to look for one during the annual Highway 127 garage sale.  The sale runs through several states and takes place in early August (that's right hundreds of miles of bargains!)  She found this oldie, it is so neat and was well maintained.

I typed my first letter on it while home.  I forgot that you had to go much slower than you do with a computer which lead to a few mistakes. But I'll try again once I get it all set up.  Oh and curiously the machine does not have an exclamation point.  How ever will I make it!?!?
My Aunt gave me these beautiful old fold overs.  Apparently her mother had passed them on to her, and she's too busy to really write (per her).  How can you not like these? They each have a different saying on them to make a poem.

And finally a few pictures of the farm and local landscape!  This is the area I grew up in.  Think what you will of it.  And yes it is that flat.

a downtown scene  Most of the Indiana and Ohio small Northern towns look like this.
Hope you all have a great week! 
My Best,


  1. the picture of the city downtown is the kind we see (from here) only in movies.. It's funny, people who like to write also like to collect old ways to write, wether with a ink pen, a writing machine or anything else..

  2. Have fun with your new typewriter!

  3. Great score on the typewriter! Go Mom! It looks like it has barely been used.

    It took a while, but I think I've remembered how to make an exclamation point on a manual. It's a two-step process: Type a single quote mark, backspace, then type a period in the same space as the quote mark.

  4. A typewriter! How cool :-)

    Love the pictures...just like "small town America" in the movies!

  5. That garage sale sounds like a lot of fun. Your typewriter is so pretty!!

    To make an exclamation point on the typewriter, you first do an apostrophe and then backspace to put a period under it!

  6. Cool, thanks guys for the exclamation point advice. I do come from a quaint area- which means small and everybody knows everything about everybody (not always ideal). And the typewriter is almost mint, the guy who it belonged to was a journalist and used it till the end of his days.

  7. I've been to that garage sale when I lived in Ohio. It was totally awesome! Enjoy the typewriter!!!

  8. Awww...the backstory of the typewriter and the journalist makes even more special. It has history! Too cool.

  9. Yep you are right most of indy and ohio small towns look exactly the same . What a great find on the typewriter.