Monday, September 19

It's a Conspiracy

Well Friday started out like any other.  I slowly got myself around and headed out on errands.  In my running around town, I stopped in and picked up mail at the P.O. Box.  I was expecting a package, but what I found was a bit surprising. 
I did find a package but not the one I was expecting.  Instead there was this envelope from Speck at the PurplePenhead Blog stuffed with goodies.

In a recent note to her, I believe that I complained my stationery was taking over.  Well in her lack of pity, she decided to unloaded her surplus on me! 

Look at all the gorgeous stuff.  Although I wasn't really looking for any new items, I did almost pee myself when I saw the Nancy Drew fold and seals!  I have long admired, mentally fondled, and drooled over them on line.  Sigh- so love the package I did, though I didn't want to.  Whispers of the word "hoarder" float in my brain.

Then my darling Malyss sent me a colorful and wonderful surprise!  I can read Spanish at a beginners level but not French.  So these are even more exotic not knowing what they say!  Love them!!! -stationery hoarder- I need help!

So 2 wonderful and unexpected surprises!  But then I opened one more.  Wanda and I have been writing for awhile to each other and more than not she includes some fun pictures! 

The royals are an elegant couple, aren't they!  I always love getting things like this and she even put them in a hurricane themed envelope- chuckle- after hearing about Irene's trek through my area.

Thank you ladies! I appreciate the fun packages and mail very much!

I hope you all are taking this opportunity to write many letters and postcards and support the USPS in its time of crisis!
Don't hoard, send mail!


  1. Wow, those are really awesome. It doesn't hurt to hoard a little, lol:)

  2. Each card shows a recipe, whose name is a pun. hard to translate , but kind of "I made a nice crime for an ice cream", you see?..Ü
    I like the Nancy Drew cards you got. Do you know that , in France , she's known as "Alice Roy"?!
    Have a nice week, dear Becky!