Saturday, September 10

Mail Call - Let the Fun Begin

Hello all!
I know its been awhile since I posted my incoming mail.  The trip home was a nice break, but not very fruitful in the letter response department.  Perhaps, that adds fodder to write about, but makes me a tardy mailer : )
Well let's jump into it!
Most are from postcrossing- and yes I get letters through there as well!  Many of the people look at the blog and some decide that a letter is more appropriate.  I am really find with anything I get!

a letter from postcrossing

Actually Pasha is from Send Something!  The card is my first from New Zealand!

Now from my fellow bloggers and mailing community.
An amazing envelope from Pamela at Cappuchino and Art

Postcard set from Speck at the Purple Penhead

from Lou La La
Wolfey at No Post on Sunday (the NYC scene) and Ruth from send something
A note on state postcards:  I am hoping to collect a postcard from all the states in the union.  I really want the state to be on the front of the card for a one glance- "cool that's insert state here!"
Some other awesome contributors
from one of my true pen pals!  She sends comforting teas
Wait I think I've seen those post-its before? No matter- thanks Margaret!
From Val- my first follower!
Well folks, I had to make sure I got this posted today as I think 9-10-11 has to be lucky some how. 
And remember we need to send as much mail as we can to help save the post office!  Lets make this the new cool old thing to do!
My Best,

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