Saturday, September 3

Day 2 - Goshen Finds

Hello all,
As promised I thought I'd show you the rest of my finds!  First off at the Whistle Stop (the same place I wiped out the postcards) I found

2 sets of new cards with natural paper envelopes

Some fold and seals- unfortunately with a religious theme

Some old square Vincet Van Gogh notecards for a whopping 50 cents

A dozen home made wall paper foldovers.  For 50 cents- I'll give it a go!  Remember folks, some people make things to donate since this is a charity.
I also got an old music book to make stationery out of and had a great visit with Emily.  Em is and old friend and a reader of my blog, so she totally understood when I bought out the postcards! 
Anyway, I should be off to bed as they get going early down on the farm.
Happy finds, my friends,


  1. As Vincent spent a part of his life not very far from here, we often find postcards with his paintings. But I've never found such a lot of postcards in any second-hand store or charity sale.. unfortunately!
    have a nice sunday!

  2. Your my mail idol and I can't remember if I said this or not .but thank you for the package..but the thank you will be more proper through the mail..But i did want to say Thank you I appreciated all the goodies!


  3. Awesome stationery finds. I heart the Van Gogh cards realmuch. Maybe a few well-placed stickers can mask any unwanted themes on the fold-n-seals. The graphics on them are really pretty.

    I've never heard of wallpaper foldovers. That's a new one for me. Are they like fold-n-seals?

  4. wow that was a very interesting one to look and send to many.