Wednesday, September 14

Trinidad and Tobago

Hello all!
I know I usually post the letters I have received/ responded to on weekends but I got a postcrossing the other day from Trinidad and Tobago!!!

top is from China and bottom is Trinidad and Tobago
And here's the stamp!

I have a feeling this country is not very involved in postcrossing because the number was still in the hundreds.  To better explain for those not involved with the site, each card has a registration number based on country of origin and the number sent.  So if I sent a card to China it would be US-111111 (actually I think the US has surpassed this!).  My Tobago card is only TT-800- ish.  Meaning I got a great present!
Currently dreaming of tropical seas and tropical breezes!
Yours Truly,

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  1. If I remember well, these are very small islands.I really think you got something precious here!

    (Next time you write to me, could you explain me about the give away, I don't understand what has to be done. Thank you!)