Saturday, September 24

This Week is the Start of Something Big

The title has nothing to do with the content, or does it?  My mail week started slow and then built like an avalanche, though the ending was definitely less destructive than an actual avalanche.  Although to be fair, a lot of this weeks big surprises were posted on Monday.  Thanks again Malyss, Speck, and Wanda!
Postcrossing was quite prolific this week.  I've been in it long enough to be able to send more cards at once. So I get more cards!
Love the stockings!
Taiwan and Netherlands
Some notes from the other bloggers
From Pen Palling Dad- Postcard is from him via a Speck give away : )
Rachel from Letter Writer
Nancy at the StampTramps

A letter and postcard from Wolfey at No Post on Sunday
Last but definitely not least!
A 3 pager from a dear old friend!  She never writes, so this is a gem!
Another postcrossing from Russia and a sendsomething contribution from Ruth to my states collection
A nice note from Jen.  The Traverse City letter mark is always so nice.

I hope this helps you put pen to paper and pull out all the stops on your mailing!
My Best,

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