Wednesday, March 30

Let's Discuss ATC's

When I began my mail journey, I foolishly started it off with a blog!  I jumped right in, head over heels, and then spread my wings to sites like postcrossing and send something.  The world of mail and mailart has been filled with wonderful delights and wonderful people!  Although I probably should have looked around before jumping in, what's done is done and my experiences have been worth it.  But there is so much i still don't know and haven't found yet. 
So now with trepidation, I am toeing the waters and thinking of trying my hand at ATC's. (Artist Trading Cards for the other uninitiated)  I saw the write up on the e-zine about them and have seen several posts asking to trade on
I found a great guide and gallery at Cedarseed that laid out many options.
But before I dive in, I'd like to pick your brains for tips and suggestions on your experiences. 
A) I know they are 2.5 by 3.5 Inches- the size of a standard playing card and were originally supposed to be sent or traded like baseball cards. 
B) Anything goes?  or so it seems, at least as long as some handiwork is evident?
C) Recommendations on trading?  Positive versus Negative Experiences
D) Anything you think I should REALLY know before I embark on yet another adventure?

Thanks and I hope this finds you all happy and healthy (by the way the coughing has slowed!  Recovery is around the corner!)
some fabric inspired cards by Liberty Fabrics


  1. this is the better site

  2. I don't trade ATC's but is a great website for trading.